MPowering the State FY15 Pilot Initiatives

In the fall of 2014, the deans of UMB and UMCP engaged in the development of new collaborative proposals for cross-university ”big ideas” that would advance research, education, and public service to the state. More than 50 ideas were developed, vetted, and then prioritized at a daylong retreat of all deans at both universities. From those ideas, three were selected for small seed grants for pilot projects and three were selected for development into proposals as longer term projects for the future.

The pilot projects are:

  • Geographical Information Science in Medicine and Public Health
    College of Behavioral and Social Science, UMCP, and School of Pharmacy, UMB
  • MPowering Parents to Promote Parity
    College of Education, UMCP, and School of Social Work, UMB
  • Combating Human Trafficking
    College of Journalism, UMCP, and School of Social Work, UMB

Ideas selected for longer term development are:

  • Creation of a cross-university institute on brain health and behavior
  • Developing collaborations around the use of augmented reality in promoting health and treating disease
  • Launching joint work in sports medicine, health and human performance


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