MPowering the State New Initiatives

Two provisions of the Strategic Partnership Act of 2016 are meant to capitalize on the research and development success of MPowering the State, fortify its innovation infrastructure, and create the next generation of Maryland entrepreneurs.

Center for Maryland Advanced Ventures (CMAV)
To be located at UMB, CMAV will promote the commercialization of university discoveries, providing grants to faculty whose research has high commercialization potential and supporting startups with staff, facilities, and equipment needed to develop companies. The joint center will integrate with UM Ventures to enhance entrepreneurial opportunities in Baltimore and assist university-affiliated startups from across the state to locate in Baltimore City. Funding will be available beginning FY18.

PLANNED IMPACT: Will increase economic development and job creation in Baltimore City through the commercialization of university discoveries.

Center for Economic and Entrepreneurship Development (UMCEED)
To be located at UMCP, this joint center will advance education and research in neuroscience, virtual and augmented reality, biomedical devices, data analytics, and cybersecurity. UMCEED will leverage UMCP’s top-ranked student entrepreneurship programs and apply them to these areas of state priority – areas where job growth is strong and entrepreneurial potential is high. Funding will be available beginning FY18.

PLANNED IMPACT: Will advance education and research in fields where job growth and entrepreneurial potential are high.

New, Cross-University “Big Ideas”
In January 2017, the deans of UMB and UMCP discussed new collaborative proposals for cross-university “big ideas” that may advance research, education, and public service to the state. Ideas generated at a daylong meeting of all the deans are being vetted and prioritized by the Joint Steering Council, representing both universities. From these ideas, several are expected to be developed into proposals for longer-term future projects.

A similar retreat was held in the fall of 2014. More than 50 ideas were presented and six were selected for small seed grants for pilot projects or for development into proposals as longer-term projects. In 2016, two of these “big ideas” became University of Maryland Strategic Partnership initiatives: the Center for Sports Medicine, Health and Human Performance and the SAFE Center for Human Trafficking Survivors.

Future Community Development Programs
As major anchor institutions, UMB and UMCP have long worked to improve the social and economic health and development of our home communities, particularly in the areas of health care, housing and development, transportation, public education, public safety, and sustainability. A key provision of the Strategic Partnership Act of 2016 recognizes the importance of this role and calls for continued support to advance community development priorities, in particular in Baltimore, College Park, and Prince George’s County. At the retreat in early 2017, deans from both UMB and UMCP identified new opportunities to expand collaboration, service, and economic development.


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