UM Ventures

To bring scientific discoveries and inventions to the marketplace and guide the formation of startup companies, fostering economic development and creating jobs.

UM Ventures combines the entrepreneurial resources at UMB and UMCP to commercialize university-invented discoveries and launch successful university startups.

Since 2011, 88 startups have been created, with one-third of the companies created in the last two years. In FY18, UM Ventures tallied 326 potential inventions from faculty with 58 licensed to companies.

Faculty-invented products and services include agricultural products, software, clean technology, nanotechnology, sensors, medical devices, diagnostics, and therapeutics.

The initiative supports entrepreneurs with legal assistance, business expertise, and technical know-how.

FY2018 Growth

FY 2011 to 2018

Invention Disclosures 326 58%
Licenses 58 107%
Startups 13 160%



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UM Ventures


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