The University of Maryland Center for Economic and Entrepreneurship (UMCEED)

The University of Maryland Center for Economic and Entrepreneurship (UMCEED), located at UMCP, advances education and research in neuroscience, virtual and augmented reality, biomedical devices, data analytics, and cybersecurity. These are fields where job growth and entrepreneurial potential are high, important to the Maryland state economy. All involve multiple, interdisciplinary, academic opportunities.

Mary Ann Rankin, PhD, UMCP senior vice president and provost, was appointed executive director of UMCEED. Rankin directs the use of UMCEED funds with advice from the UMCP Academic Programs Advisory Committee and the Joint Steering Council of the University of Maryland Strategic Partnership: MPowering the State. Funds will be used to hire new faculty and build new educational programs. Opportunities are being identified for funds to support educational initiatives jointly with UMB.

In addition, UMCP submitted proposals to two major donors for chairs and professorships that will augment the UMCEED investment in associated fields. Such endowments will leverage the UMCEED investment and enable recruitment of outstanding leaders to direct development or expansion of educational programs in these fields. One of these proposals has been funded and UMCP is now using it as a match for additional funding from the E-Nnovation fund. The second proposal for five endowed chairs in UMCEED fields is under consideration, but is likely to be funded in the next several months. Part of the salary for the faculty hired to hold these endowments is expected to come from the UMCEED fund.


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