Maryland Blended Reality Center

Mission: To develop innovative applications of visual computing technology for expanded uses in health care, research, education, and training.

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MPower invested in this multi-year collaboration to bring together computer scientists from College Park and medical professionals from Baltimore to tap the explosive growth potential of augmented and virtual reality technology.

Collaborators focused on medical and health care applications, such as:

  • Critical care patient diagnostic tools that allow health care providers to interact more directly with patients;
  • Non-opioid pain management through immersive environments that show promise in distracting patients from pain;
  • Next-generation medical education tools using interactive blended reality modules to teach human anatomy dissection;
  • Immersive technology also is helping to train police to identify and combat implicit bias that affects their interactions with the public.

Researchers have been awarded significant external funding to expand this work, including a May 2022, $5 million grant from the U.S. National Science Foundation, to create the Center for Medical Innovations in Extended Reality (MIXR).  In collaboration with federal agencies, the University of Michigan, Google, Microsoft, and Meta, the center continues UMB and UMCP’s work to improve medical training, patient management, and health care outcomes across all areas of clinical practice.



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