UM Scholars

Mission: To offer mentored research training that allows students to expand their knowledge and enlighten their career choices.

UM Scholars is a mentored educational program that connects students from UMB and UMCP to faculty mentors at the opposite campus to work on research projects designed to expand students’ knowledge and enlighten students about career choices. Conducted over 10-week terms, the structured projects tap into the complementary strengths of UMB and UMCP. Since its start in 2012 with just two students, the highly competitive program has grown year after year, and to date more than 200 students have participated.

The program offers research placements for UMCP STEM-focused undergraduates to work with UMB’s top medical school faculty, and introduced assignments for undergraduates to work with researchers at UMB’s schools of nursing, pharmacy, and social work.  In 2016, the program expanded to engage UMB students from law, social work, nursing, pharmacy, and medicine in research programs at College Park in areas as diverse as bioengineering, public health and behavioral and social sciences.


Summer 2023 UM Scholars Application for UMB Students

Deadline extended: Tuesday, March 7 at Noon

The University of Maryland Strategic Partnership:  MPowering the State has provided funding for multiple student/faculty-mentored research experiences at the University of Maryland, College Park (UMCP) for Summer 2023.  Some projects may support two students, depending on response and interest.


General Information

  • MPower provides the funding for the program.
  • UMB students receive $6,000 in three installments for the 400-hour project conducted over a ten-week period commencing on or about May 30, and ending in early August. The specific dates and times are to be mutually defined and agreed upon by the student and mentor.
  • Student payment arrangements are handled by the UMB Financial Services Office/Student Accounting.
  • All research is designed to be conducted at University of Maryland, College Park locations.  This work may be offered via a remote capacity and may be conducted online, through email, by phone, by video conference, or via a hybrid approach that involves both in-person and remote work.  Each project description specifies the intended location and delivery method. Travel to and parking at UMCP is the responsibility of the student. Summer parking rates at UMCP are available to UMB students.
  • At the end of the internship, UMB students should submit a 3-5 page “reflection”/white paper and possible oral presentation on their completed project by early September. In addition, the student and mentor may be asked to complete evaluation materials on the experience.
  • This is a competitive program. Applicants are not guaranteed a placement or an interview.
  • All applicants should be in good academic standing in his/her respective school/program. This information will be verified with your school before awarding a position in the program.
  • Students must be enrolled in Fall 2023 semester to be considered as a participant in this program.

Please direct any questions to Adrianne Arthur, Executive Director, University of Maryland Strategic Partnership, MPowering the State; 410-706-5279.


View the 2023 catalog of program offerings


UM Scholars Program Application

In preparation to complete the application, please note that you will be asked to:

  1. Identify your top three choices of projects;
  2. Upload a Statement of Interest of no more than 500 words;
  3. Upload a current resume;
  4. Upload a Letter of Recommendation from a faculty member in your school.

Please Note for Letter of Recommendation:

    • Please tell the faculty member what program you are applying to and request that they provide a short letter to attest to your scholarship, character, and professional promise. The faculty member might state how long they have known you and in what capacity.
    • The letter should be on letterhead from the faculty.
    • As a student, we suggest that you speak directly to the faculty to request the recommendation, and that you provide the faculty member with details for the letter for their convenience. The letter does not need to be lengthy or detailed.
    • Consider tackling this assignment first since it has a longer lead time.


View the 2023 schedule and deadlines.

Selection Process

UM Scholars involves a competitive selection process to gauge student capabilities, interests and the potential to expand from the research experience. A matching process that includes student/mentor interviews ensures the best fit between mentors, students and projects and a quality experience for all parties.  In addition, it establishes a defined project with clear expectations and deliverables. The faculty mentors who lead and mentor students also are selected based on the quality and relevance of their projects and how they envision the project will enhance the student experiences. Faculty mentors interview student applicants and make their selections on the best candidate match to the project and to the mentor.