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UM Ventures

Mission: To bring scientific discoveries and inventions to the marketplace and guide the formation of startup companies, fostering economic development and creating jobs.

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UM Ventures combines the technology transfer and commercialization efforts at University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) and University of Maryland, College Park (UMCP), utilizing the entrepreneurial resources and faculty at each university to patent, license, and commercialize university-invented discoveries and launch successful university startups. Faculty-invented products and services include agricultural products, software, clean technology, nanotechnology, sensors, medical devices, diagnostics, and therapeutics.

UM Ventures also supports both UMB and UMCP’s strategic plan commitments to innovation, discovery, and entrepreneurship.



FY22 Stats

Technology Transfer Life Cycle, FY2022: 308 Invention Disclosures, 52 Licensed to Companies, $2.8M Licensing and Investment Revenue, 179 New US Patent Applications File, 85 US Patents Issued, 12 New Startups Formed



Startup Spotlight

UM Ventures supports and promotes emerging technology startups in the ever-evolving tech industry. Providing legal assistance, business expertise, and technical know-how, more than 145 startups have been created since 2011.

6 of those startups success stories showcased here.