“Image-Guided Surgical Interventions with Biomechanical Feedback”

UM Ventures and the Maryland Innovation Initiative are pleased to announce the tenth talk in the ongoing Seminar series “Innovation at the Intersection of Medicine and Engineering.”

The Seminar Series called “Innovation at the Intersection of Medicine and Engineering” is part of the UM Ventures (umventures.org) initiative that includes entrepreneurial faculty, post docs, and students from both campuses to broaden the potential of the initiative. The Series features presentations by engineering faculty from the University of Maryland College Park and researchers from around the country doing interesting work at the intersection of Medicine and Engineering.

Discussion led by Mehran Armand, PhD
Johns Hopkins University
Applied Physics Laboratory
Faculty, Departments of Mechanical
Engineering & Orthopaedic Surgery

Thursday, June 19, 2014 5:30 PM
Presentation and Q&A followed by networking reception
followed by wine and cheese reception

Email dbryant@umaryland.edu to RSVP

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