University of Maryland-Led Consortium to Develop Next Generation Battery

Published 11/24/20 on businesswire

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ion Storage Systems (ISS) today announced that it was awarded a $500,000 contract from a University of Maryland (UMD)-led $7.2 million consortium for the Center for Research in Extreme Batteries (CREB). The consortium grant from the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command, now known as DEVCOM, Army Research Laboratory (ARL) is intended to expedite the development of safer, lighter, and higher power batteries. This award enhances $2 million in recent funding ISS has received from the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) with the goal of producing a solid state Conformal Wearable Battery (CWB) that will significantly increase the operating time of equipment and weapons systems, while eliminating the risk of battery fire or explosions.

“Our inclusion in this consortium of leading researchers, industries, and government laboratories demonstrates the promise our cutting-edge battery technology holds,” said Ricky Hanna, ISS CEO. “Our role within the consortium is to deliver the advanced batteries our fighting men and women need to do their jobs safely and efficiently.”

“Ion Storage Systems is working to develop a radically different design for advanced lithium batteries,” said Dr. Wesley Henderson, ARL’s lead for CREB. “Tying both high safety and exceptional energy density together for next-generation batteries will be a key enabler for Warfighters as they face exceptional challenges in future conflicts.”

This consortium is funded by ARL and led by UMD in partnership with Montana State University, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Argonne National Laboratory, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Stony Brook University, University of Texas-Austin, New York Battery & Energy Storage Consortium (NY-BEST), Graphenix Development LTD (GDI) and Saft America. Its mission is to accelerate advanced batteries for extreme performance in applications such as defense, space, and biomedical applications. ISS has joined the Center for Research in Extreme Batteries (CREB) and looks forward to contributing extensively to its core mission.

About Ion Storage Systems

Ion Storage Systems (ISS) creates extreme solid state lithium batteries that are safer/lighter and enable form factors with tighter packing density that enhance system performance. These innovations empower the world’s innovators to break down barriers in their product development cycles to redefine what is possible and begin building the products-of-tomorrow today.

ISS is a spin-out from the University of Maryland–College Park. Visit for more information.


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