Agriculture Law Education Initiative (ALEI)

To educate and serve Maryland family farmers through expert information and training that helps navigate complex legal issues such as estates and trusts, regulatory compliance, farm food safety, and other aspects of agriculture law.

The ALEI partnership reaches the state’s agricultural community through in-person training, publications, social media alerts, and formal classroom education. It holds a popular annual conference on agriculture and environmental law that addresses current legal issues impacting Delmarva’s communities. In 2020, the event moved online and was able to reach an even larger audience.

Undergraduate students at UMCP and law school students at UMB benefit from classes taught by legal specialists on agriculture and law.

ALEI leverages its MPower funding by pursuing grants to support additional programming and expansion.

At the onset of COVID-19, ALEI quickly mobilized to provide answers to farmers grappling with rapidly changing regulations and the effects on agricultural operations.  Subjects included labor issues and managing contracts canceled due to COVID-19.


Agriculture Law Education Initiative


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