Bioengineering Academic Programs

To offer students opportunities to learn, create and deliver engineering solutions to challenging clinical problems. 

UMB and UMCP’s leadership in bioengineering and medicine creates tremendous opportunity for learning for students and faculty at both institutions. To date, 700 students have benefited from the experiences in a capstone design course, and in a clinical experiences course held during “Winter Term” in January each year.

UMCP undergraduates team with faculty physicians at UMB to experience firsthand the robust link between engineering and human health.

Students are exposed to the medical field and clinical settings, see the direct application of medical devices in a hospital setting, and then imagine and create their own engineering designs from concept to product.

A joint PhD program in Bioengineering – the MPower Graduate Fellowship – spans both institutions and offers students an opportunity to create and deliver engineering solutions to challenging, clinical problems related to medicine, pharmacy, or dentistry.

Click on the link below to read about the 2019 Winter Term experience.


UMCP Fischell Department of Bioengineering


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