Maryland Cochlear Implant Center of Excellence

To deliver advanced care to people with hearing loss.

Collaborators are combining the research and educational strengths of UMCP in audiology and speech-language pathology with the surgical and clinical expertise from School of Medicine faculty at UMB to deliver cutting-edge care for people with hearing loss, while making Maryland the premier location for educational training, clinical services, and basic and translational biomedical research on cochlear implants.

Features include:

  • The center provides comprehensive services for people of all ages considering cochlear implants or for those who have already received them.
  • Students from UMCP’s audiology and speech-language pathology programs learn about the science of cochlear implants and how to provide clinical service to implantees.
  • Improving cochlear implants and understanding the effect of genetics on hearing loss are two areas of current research.
  • A two-week summer camp offers training for students as well as therapy and fun activities for children who have significant hearing loss and who use hearing aids or cochlear implants.

There are three goals:

  1. To provide the people of Maryland with premier clinical services in the area of cochlear implants, thus improving their health and opportunities for engagement and communication;
  2. To provide Maryland students with unparalleled opportunities to learn about both the science of cochlear implants and how to provide clinical services to implantees; and
  3. To provide the nation with new research findings that enhance our understanding of how best to improve human hearing.


Maryland Cochlear Implant Center of Excellence


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