DESCRIPTION: My lab studies bullying, discrimination, and youth mental health. Funded by agencies such as National Science Foundation and Russell Sage Foundation, we are collecting data from youth and college students on their experience with bullying, discrimination, school adjustment, and mental health, and what they are doing (e.g., civic engagement) to support their community. The UM Scholar will participate in the quantitative data analysis and report writing of the projects. The UM Scholar will also help us code interview data to examine the relations among ethnic racial socialization (the parental messages concerning children’s race and ethnicity), civic engagement, and youth adjustment. 

IDEAL CANDIDATE: Optimal candidate’s education background or interests: students should have training in social sciences (psychology, social work, family sciences, human development) or education, and are interested in bullying prevention, youth mental health, and/or Asian American mental health.  

LOCATION: Hybrid – Remote & In-person

PROJECT LEAD/PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Cixin Wang, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Counseling, Higher Education, and Special Education, University of Maryland, College Park