DESCRIPTION: Agricultural producers are integral to the fight against climate change and proposed climate policies. A number of these climate policies are related to the concept of carbon sequestration.  A number of these proposed climate policies will create several questions for agricultural producers and landowners. The proposed project would assist in bridging the gap in these questions and information by developing research-based information that aids in the development of other resources. The ideal candidate would assist in researching three key areas. First, the candidate would review existing federal law, specifically, the Commodity Credit Corporation Charter Act of 1948, to determine how USDA could develop a “carbon bank” under existing law. Second, the candidate would review proposed legislation, the Growing Climate Solutions Act of 2021, to determine opportunities for agricultural operators and landowners around carbon sequestration and carbon banking. Finally, the candidate would review existing carbon sequestration contracts offered by private companies to understand current legal instruments and areas within the agreements that need improvement.

Being on the team for this project would include virtual meetings with agricultural economists and policy experts looking at carbon credits within agriculture. Working on this project will also allow for future inclusion as an author on conference presentations, journal articles, and Extension publications developed from the research.

IDEAL CANDIDATE: Individuals with a background in agriculture or environmental law.

LOCATION: Hybrid – Remote & In-person

PROJECT LEAD/PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR:  Paul Goeringer, JD, Senior Faculty Specialist, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Maryland, College Park