Agriculture Law Education Initiative (ALEI)

IMPACT: Several hundred family farmers have received information and training to help them navigate complex matters such as estates and trusts, regulatory compliance, food safety, and other aspects of agriculture law. The program plans to add new subjects next year and strives to broaden the knowledge of students in the fields of agriculture and law.

The ALEI partnership works to untangle and explain the network of environmental laws and their effect on Maryland’s family farms and agricultural, natural resource, and environmental communities. A critical component of ALEI’s mission is to educate and advance the understanding of laws and policies that apply to and affect the food system. The ALEI partnership reaches Maryland’s agricultural community through in-person training, publications, social media alerts, and formal classroom education. Popular subjects include transmission of farms to heirs and food safety. ALEI also holds annual conferences on agriculture and environmental law.


Agriculture Law Education Initiative


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