Agriculture Law Education Initiative (ALEI)

The ALEI partnership works to untangle and explain the network of environmental laws and their effect on Maryland’s family farms and agricultural, natural resource, and environmental communities. A critical component of ALEI’s mission is to educate and advance the understanding of laws and policies that apply to and affect the food system. ALEI creates and distributes dozens of publications as a public service, and it provides outreach at meetings, trainings, and through social media. Members of ALEI leadership also teach upper level undergraduate courses at UMCP. The ALEI-led second annual Agriculture and Environmental Law Conference brought together policymakers, farmers, and attorneys and featured timely presentations on topics ranging from Chesapeake Bay water quality initiatives, alternative energy for farms, and nutrient management programs.

IMPACT: ALEI strives to preserve Maryland’s family farms by helping owners address the complicated legal issues associated with agricultural estates and trusts, regulatory compliance, and other public policies comprising what is known as agriculture law.

Agriculture Law Education Initiative


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