Agriculture Law Education Initiative (ALEI)

This unique MPower initiative is leading statewide outreach to the agricultural and natural resource community. Maryland farmers have expanded access to university resources from UMB, UMCP, and the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore. To date the initiative has produced 12 easy-to-understand publications on issues ranging from agricultural leasing to estates and trusts. More than 17,000 copies have been downloaded or distributed in hard copy. In late 2015, ALEI hosted a sold-out Agriculture and Environmental Conference for an audience of regulators, attorneys, agriculture professionals, and farmers. The full-day event in Annapolis directed a spotlight on the complex network of environmental regulations facing Maryland farmers. In addition, ALEI helped build capacity in the private bar around agriculture issues. In late 2014, an Eastern Shore-based legal specialist and research associate was hired. Her practical knowledge of the region, as well as her years of professional experience working directly with Eastern Shore farmers, is an asset to ALEI.

Agriculture Law Education Initiative


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