University of Maryland: MPowering the State

The University of Maryland: MPowering the State

The University of Maryland has developed an impressive list of accomplishments over the past decades. Its College Park and Baltimore campuses have accrued nationally known thought leaders and problem-solvers, grown powerful research engines, spun off successful businesses, and positively influenced the well-being of our state and nation.

We are proud of this progress, yet we know that it is urgent that we do more. The Maryland state legislature in 2011 charged the University System of Maryland Board of Regents and thus both universities with developing a plan to have an even greater impact on the state, its economy, the job market, and the next generation of innovators. We are committed to this charge, and have devoted considerable time to crafting and beginning to implement the plan that follows.

In essence, we envision a new working relationship between the two universities—a relationship that demands teamwork and collaboration, with joint efforts championed and supported at the highest levels in our academic structure. We expect these changes to have a profound effect on our productivity, on the economy, and on the very fabric of higher education. The programs outlined below are only the beginning. This is the blueprint to reinvent ourselves.