Center for Health-Related Informatics and Bioimaging (CHIB)

CHIB is a joint academic, computing, and research infrastructure that facilitates interdisciplinary cross-campus interactions and transformative research in personalized medicine. With a focus on bioinformatics, CHIB uses “big data” computing capabilities to manage, process, and analyze massive amounts of clinical, genetic, and diagnostic imaging data. CHIB researchers are fostering innovations in bedside patient imaging, using new augmented and virtual reality technologies that will result in multiple invention disclosures. Research also is addressing health disparities in genomic medicine, improving neonatal care, and exploring novel systems approaches to understanding bacterial drug resistance. CHIB, through its collaborative activities with other UMB and UMCP investigators, has successfully contributed more than $55 million to the total funding attributable to the University of Maryland Strategic Partnership: MPowering the State initiatives. Included is the recent award of a $3 million National Science Foundation graduate education and training grant in network biology at the interface of computer, physical, and life sciences.

IMPACT: CHIB matches computing resources at UMCP with clinical and biomedical expertise at UMB to tackle grand challenges in genomic research, medical information management, and precision medicine, and their translation to human health.


[Please watch this video that highlights the collaborative work between computer visualization experts at the University of Maryland, College Park and medical professionals at the University of Maryland, Baltimore. ]


Center for Health-Related Informatics and Bioimaging


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