Joint Appointments, Joint Grant Management, and Shared Library/Recreation Resources

Two areas that have plagued collaboration in the past are joint appointment and joint grant submissions. Progress has been made in both areas as part of the University of Maryland: MPowering the State.

For the first time, several “University of Maryland Professor” joint faculty appointments have been made in what is expected to become a commonly used mechanism to recognize faculty who contribute in a scholarly manner and collaborate with colleagues at other University System of Maryland institutions. Significant differences in the financial aspects of grant administration and other challenges were overcome in reaching this agreement.

As for joint grant submission and management, a new process to submit and manage joint grants was established with the goal of eliminating red tape and standardizing the process. Systems are being developed to allow single application and management of a grant from both the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) and the University of Maryland, College Park (UMCP). Memoranda of understanding for co-submission and co-management of grants as well as the handling of intellectual property have been signed.

The libraries on both campuses have made significant progress to make all relevant information available and accessible for faculty and students at both universities. These shared knowledge resources are critical for collaborative learning and discovery to occur.

Both universities also have agreed to share recreation facilities. As of July 1, 2013, all fee-paying students at UMB and UMCP have access to both campuses’ recreational facilities, regardless of in which university they are enrolled, during scheduled hours of operation and are allowed to use those facilities at no added cost.

In addition, current staff and faculty who possess valid recreational facilities membership also have access to both recreational facilities during scheduled hours of operation. For more information on this, click here.

Contact the following for more information:

Joint Appointments

Bruce Jarrell, MD, FACS
Chief Academic and Research Officer, Senior Vice President, Dean
Graduate School, UMB

Juan Uriagereka, PhD
Associate Provost
Faculty Affairs, UMCP

Joint Grant Management

Denise J. Clark
Associate Vice President
Administration, UMCP

Dennis Paffrath
Assistant Vice President
Sponsored Programs Administration, UMB

Shared Library Resources

Barbara Gontrum, MLS, JD
Assistant Dean
Library and Technology, Francis King Carey School of Law, UMB

Patricia A. Steele, PhD
University Libraries, UMCP

Associate Vice President
Academic Affairs, UMB
Executive Director
Health Sciences/Human Services Library, UMB

Shared Recreation Resources

Bill Crockett, MS, RCRSP
Executive Director
Campus Life Operations & SMC Campus Center, UMB

Jay Gilchrist, MA
Campus Recreation Services, UMCP