New Educational Offerings Between UMCP and UMB

One of the most active and exciting initiatives is the development of new educational offerings and other educational activities. We are finding that there are many student opportunities consistent with University of Maryland Initiatives themes.

Our overall plan is to enrich student experiences between the two universities and to provide students with skills that will better equip them to succeed in an innovation society. We expect this initiative to eventually include all schools at the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) and most, if not all, at the University of Maryland, College Park, (UMCP), and to result in seamless joint courses and degrees. The progress of the following initiatives can be grouped as ongoing, active discussions, and in planning.


  • University of Maryland Scholars. This program was launched in June 2012 with two UMCP students conducting research at the School of Medicine in Baltimore. It also will allow outstanding UMB graduate students to spend time training in laboratories of top UMCP faculty, and provide opportunities for UMB law students to work at law clinics at UMCP. The program will expand in Fiscal Year 2014.
  • A Health Professional Panel: Windows into the Future Health Professional Team. The panel will inform UMCP students and faculty about the collaborative work of health care professionals, the broad array of career opportunities in the health professions, and the details of UMB programs.
  • Maryland Intellectual Property Legal Resource Center (MIPLRC) and Clark School of Engineering. The MIPLRC, located at UMCP in the Technology Advancement Program incubator, will help law students provide legal services to incubator tenants, university entrepreneurs, and startup companies.
  • School of Nursing and UMCP 2 + 2 Program. A University of Maryland committee has been established to share advising and better advance and promote the program, ease the transition, and to reinstate pre-nursing as an interest area at UMCP.
  • Schools of Engineering, Pharmacy, and Medicine graduate and other educational programs.

Active Discussions

  • Programs to advance students from diverse backgrounds, starting at high school and progressing to UMCP and to the Francis King Carey School of Law at UMB.
  • Improved advising will enhance the flow of UMCP students to the Carey School of Law at UMB. Master’s programs in legal studies, law and policy, law and finance, and law and informatics and graduate certificates in a variety of areas, including homeland security, are under discussion.
  • An interdisciplinary minor in law and society will provide opportunity for 150 students to study in law-related fields such as civil rights and liberties, immigration, law and communication, environmental law and regulation, and crime and punishment.
  • A linkage between undergraduates at UMCP with the MD/PhD program at UMB.
  • An educational program between the Carey School of Law and the College of Information Studies at UMCP.
  • Strengthening and formalizing the pipeline between kinesiology at UMCP and physical therapy at UMB.

In Planning

  • UMB Graduate School connection to UMCP undergraduate schools. A strong link has been created to bring more UMCP students into the graduate programs in life sciences at UMB.
  •  An annual Living Learning Program in Justice and Legal Thought for 150 freshmen and sophomores. The program will examine the advancement of justice in communities and society through the foundations and legacy of the law.

Contact the following for more information:

Bioengineering and the Health Sciences
(Center of Excellence in Regulatory Science and Innovation, CERSI)

William Bentley, PhD, Professor and Chair, the Fischell Department of Bioengineering, A. James Clark School of Engineering, UMCP

James Polli, PhD, Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Pharmacy, UMB

Undergraduate Studies in Law and Society

Donna Hamilton, PhD, Associate Provost, Academic Affairs, Dean, Undergraduate Studies, UMCP

Graduate Studies in Collaboration
with the Francis King Carey School of Law

Charles Caramello, PhD, MA, Aassociate Provost, Academic Affairs, Dean, Graduate School, UMCP

Law School Contact for Undergraduate and Graduate Studies

Michael Van Alstine, JD, MJurComp, DrJur, Professor of Law, Francis King Carey School of Law, UMB