The UMB Center for Violence Prevention Welcomes UM Scholar

Posted on the Center for Violence Prevention at UMB LinkedIn, Adapted by Ashley DeMaio | June 7, 2024

The University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) Center for Violence Prevention welcomed their first-ever UM Scholar last month.

University of Maryland School of Public Policy student Maja Durkovic joins 50 other UMB and University of Maryland, College Park (UMCP) students conducting summer research with faculty mentors at the opposite campus and with the Maryland Department of Health.

Sponsored by the University of Maryland Strategic Partnership: MPowering the State, UM Scholars is a mentored educational program designed to offer research training that allows students to expand their knowledge and enlighten their career choices. 

As an intern with the UMB Center for Violence Prevention, Maja will play a vital role in advancing the Center’s mission to bridge the gap between academia and the community through interdisciplinary collaboration, community-based participatory research, impactful education, and advocacy for policies that enhance community resilience and prevent violence and drama.

Maja is pursuing dual degrees in Public Policy (B.A.) and Government and Politics (B.S.). Her studies have equipped her with expertise in policy research and analysis, focusing on diverse communities. From delving into “Great Thinkers on Public Policy” to exploring “Ethics and Moral Issues in Public Policy,” Maja applies an equity- and ethics-centered lens to every aspect of policy formulation, implementation, and evaluation.

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