UMCP Fischell Institute Spotlights MPower Entrepreneurship Fellow

2023 MPower Fellows: Arsalan Siddiqui, Jason Chen, and Sam Meyr, recognized below.

Published on the Fischell Insitute website | May 24, 2024

On May 20, 2024, Fischell Institute and MPower Entrepreneurship Fellow Sam Meyr graduated with a Master of Engineering concentrating in bioengineering. 

MPower Fellow Sam Meyr and Fischell Institute Assistant Director Martha Wang.

The fellowship helps students transition medical device ideas into prototypes and commercial ventures while earning their Master of Engineering degrees.

Over the past year, Meyr’s project focused on characterizing a 3D-printed bone scaffold for regulatory review and commercialization. These bone scaffolds can be customized to fit unique contours for patients and are composed of an allograft-based polymer.

Meyr collaborated on this project with Eman Mirdamadi, a BIOE Ph.D. candidate and member of BIOE professor Tao Lowe’s lab, who is leading similar research as part of his thesis.

While in the program, Meyr also learned about the FDA regulatory process and its complexity through meetings with Fischell Institute Assistant Director Martha Wang.

“I admired the opportunities I was given to explore my interests and curiosities and build my technical skill sets within the fellowship program,” said Meyr.

Meyr noted how lucky the Fischell Institute is to have Wang lead the fellowship program and how passionate she is in helping students. Wang allowed Meyr to work at her own pace and kept her motivated each week, both as a student and as a person.

“Dr. Wang is wonderful,” Meyr said. “She took the time to help me become a more developed researcher and inspired me to reach my full potential.”

In addition to her bone scaffold project, Meyr assisted Fischell Institute Foundry engineers Ryan Smith and Kevin Aroom with projects within the institute.

“Sam was a delight to work with,” said Smith. “She was able to quickly pick up the process of filament creation and 3D printing with minimal guidance.”

Next week, Meyr will start her new role at Medtronic as an associate clinical specialist in technical support. Her responsibilities will include troubleshooting cardiac devices, such as pacemakers and Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators (ICDs). Meyr will also provide engineering, sales, educational, and clinical support in response to field inquiries regarding cardiac rhythm management.