UM Scholars Program

UM Scholars is a mentored educational program that connects students from UMB and UMCP to faculty mentors at the opposite campus to work on research projects designed to expand students’ knowledge and enlighten students about career choices. Conducted in 10-week terms, the structured projects tap into the complementary strengths of UMB and UMCP. Since its start in 2012 with just two students, the highly competitive program has grown year after year.  The program expanded by adding research placements for UMCP STEM-focused undergraduates to work with UMB’s top medical school faculty, and introduced assignments for undergraduates to work with researchers at UMB’s School of Nursing.  UMB students also participate in programs at College Park.  In 2017, UMB students in medicine, law, and social work traveled to College Park for research opportunities in bioengineering, public health and behavioral and social sciences.

IMPACT: Research projects aid in expanding students’ knowledge and enlightening students about career choices.


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